December 4, 2023
Everything You Need To Know About Zensa Numbing Cream

The manufacturer of zensa tattoo numbing cream , Alera, prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients to make its products with the least amount of environmental impact possible. This company works with leading experts in the skincare industry to conduct thorough product tests, and all of its products use all-natural ingredients. They do not use any synthetic fragrances or sulfates and use only the purest water.


This product contains lidocaine, a synthetic anesthetic which is safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t contain vasoconstrictors. Unlike other topical anesthetics, Zensa has no negative side effects. It’s cruelty-free and vegan and has no side effects. It should be applied generously and wrapped with saran wrap. Then, it should be removed after thirty to forty-five minutes. Wipe away any excess.

Purified water:

5% Lidocaine is one of the primary ingredients in Zensa Numbing Cream. It is an effective topical anesthetic that helps to numb the skin before a painful procedure. Designed for tattoo and Permanent Makeup procedures, this cream also contains purified water, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and Vitamin E oil. Because it is a natural, pH-neutral formula, Zensa is completely safe for sensitive skin and is suitable for all procedures.

Natural ingredients:

Zensa Numbing Cream contains 5% Lidocaine, an FDA-approved topical anesthetic. This product also contains purified water, Vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory properties. The cream is free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Compared to similar topical anesthetics, it offers the highest quality natural ingredients. Its neutral pH and long shelf-life make it one of the most stable topical anesthetics on the market.


The safest numbing cream on the market is the Maximum Strength 5% Lidocaine topical anesthetic. This numbing cream is safe for tattoos, micro-needling, and waxing procedures, and it is pH-balanced and water-based. Its pH-balanced formulation provides long-lasting numbing relief and lasts about two to three hours.

Side effects:

Using Zensa Numbing Cream may have some side effects. In some cases, they may be severe or even fatal. This is especially true if the drug is used without medical advice before a cosmetic procedure, such as laser hair removal or a mammogram. Side effects of an overdose may include irregular heartbeat, respiratory failure, or seizures. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor or your local food and drug administration authority immediately.