What Are the Four Types of SEO?

The process of optimizing your site for search engines can seem overwhelming. But don’t fret; you’re not alone. SEO tasks are generally broken down into four broad categories. Let’s explore each and see which one best suits your business. Remember, your site must be accessible to search engines to be indexed. You’re doing it wrong if search engines can’t find your content.

On-Page SEO:

There are many factors to consider when optimizing your website for on-pageĀ SEO Canada. First, the content of your site should be user-centric. Secondly, it must be fast since the search engines increasingly use algorithms that penalize websites with slow loading times. Lastly, you should take steps to improve the speed of your website. If you follow these on-page SEO tips, you can expect your website to perform better in search results.

Technical SEO:

There are many benefits to technical SEO, and it is essential to improve it if you want to rank well in the digital marketplace. While it used to be that good content was enough to get you a high search engine ranking, things have changed. Google has become much more intelligent in its indexing, crawling, and understanding of intent. Without technical SEO, your great content will go unnoticed. Search engines are increasingly looking for a more user-friendly website, and better technical SEO practices will ensure your website is properly optimized.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO covers tactics that take place off your website. There are several types of SEO, including technical SEO, which is about behind-the-scenes activities. In other words, it covers activities that affect how search engines crawl and index your site. The best practices for off-page SEO are as easy as creating and maintaining a consistent brand across all channels. The following are common off-page SEO tactics.

Enterprise SEO:

An enterprise SEO strategy cultivates search for a brand online by identifying the main search terms and ensuring that a brand appears on top of Google. The right pages are optimized with enterprise SEO to rank high and convert existing customers. For example, a “Microsoft Excel” search should lead to the Excel sales page. By optimizing key pages for brand searches, brands can increase conversions and expand market share.